How do I order?  --  Orders are received by fax,  email, on-line, or U. S. Mail ONLY

Fax:              832-538-0043

Email:           orders@researchstaffonline.com

Questions:    713-688-3584, Houston



How long does it take to receive results?

Our normal turn around time is  48-72  hours. However, there are times when research is more involved and requires additional time. In such cases, the person requesting the search will be notified, usually by email. Requests for additional information are always made in writing and research time depends on client’s response.


Say, “RUSH” and we will report within 24 hours - If determined that 24 turnaround time is not possible, no rush fee is charged and client is notified immediately

Add 50% to the research fees for guaranteed same day (24 hour) turn around.

Response times include business days only, excludes weekends and courthouse closure days.


How much does it cost?

Our fees are in line with industry standards. Our prices are based on “zones”. Please refer to definition of Zones to determine the jurisdiction level you will be charged.


Please refer to Services Offered for expanded information regarding searches and “Special Packages”. Fees for service do not include charges for Express Delivery, copy charges, agency fees, etc.  Volume discounts can be negotiated at the time a request is made. Volume is generally defined as ten, or more, orders in one jurisdiction at the time a request is made.

Credit Cards are accepted.


How do I obtain a pre-approved line of credit?

Your first request will establish your line of credit. All new accounts require credit card as surety. Payment is allowed, even encouraged, by check; the credit card just establishes your credit account.


Feel free to call 713-688-3584 to discuss your Credit Line.


Why do I need The Research Staff, Inc.?

When we are your research staff, you have a responsive group -

   - who is trained to perform the needed research.

   - who knows where the information is located to answer your questions and to answer the questions created by research.

   - who has access to the courthouses and to on-line data bases.

   - who knows the rules and regulations of each jurisdiction.

   - who works within your budget and allows for efficient use of my time.

   - who is at the courthouse – ready, willing and able.

   - who provides complete, concise and useful information reports.

   - who is your Research Staff


Who are our clients?

Our clients are:  Attorneys, Bankers, Private Investigators, Engineers, Individuals needing information, Title Companies, Investors, Contractors and up-stream correspondents.


What are zones?

We have organized our coverage areas into 3 Zones:

Zone 1

Harris County

USDC-Southern District, Texas

Secretary of State, Texas

Zone 2





Fort Bend








Zone 3











San Jacinto





Response times and prices are subject to some fluctuation. Please call for a quote.

Response times do not include weekends, holidays and courthouse closure days.


What is Public Record Retrievers Network (PRRN)?

The PRRN was established in 1995. It is the largest trade organization of professionals in the public record industry. More information about the PRRN is found at http://www.brbpub.com/prrn .


YES, The Research Staff, Inc. (your research staff) is a member in good standing of the PRRN and is committed to a Code of Professional Conduct.


What are some related links?

http://appraisaldistrict.net - Links to all County Appraisal District for Texas

http://www.county.org - Links to all State of Texas County Sites

http://www.hcdistrictclerk.com – Harris County District Clerk

http://www.cclerk.hctx.net/applications/websearch/ -  Harris County Clerk – Research

http://www.texasonline.com - State of Texas Website 

http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/coasintr.html - Texas State Comptroller

http://www.abanet.org - American Bar Association

http://www.texasbar.com/ - State Bar of Texas

http://www.hba.org/ - Houston Bar Association

http://lawyers.justia.com/lawyers/texas/harris-county - Find a local attorney


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